Moving Into My New Home

If you are about to move in to a new home there can often be many questions and worries surrounding such a big change. We would like to take the worry out of your move in and make sure your new home is the start of a new exciting part of your life as you move towards more independent living.

All our properties have a support provider who will have already sent through a detailed referral form. This information is then used to make sure the correct property is selected and that any adaptions or changes needed are made to make sure the property is bespoke for you.

Often you may have a transition period where you may visit the property to meet any existing tenants to ensure the property is correct for you and that you will enjoy living with new people and in new surroundings. Once you decide everything is right for you we can arrange with your support provider to move into the property. On that day you will be helped and supported with everything you need, including your Housing Officer going through your Tenancy Agreement and making sure you understand all you need to know about living in your new property.

If you don’t manage to cover everything on your busy move in day don’t worry as your Housing Officer will make regular visits to your property to review your tenancy. Our aim is to give you the very best possible long term accommodation and we will always be on hand to help with any tenancy problems you may have.

BeST will also make sure your rent is paid, either by claiming Housing Benefit on your behalf or invoicing your appointee. If you are entitled to full Housing Benefit you will not be asked to make any top up payments to your rent or make rent deposits as full entitlement to Housing Benefit will cover all rent and service charges.

You will be liable for Utility bills and Council Tax (if you are a sole occupant) in your new home and your Support provider will be able to help you setting up payments for this.

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