The Apprentice, You're Hired!

For a while now BeST have embraced an apprenticeship programme with a vision to give young people a chance to gain valuable work place experience in addition to class room based studying. We believe our apprentices form an integral part of our team and are very much part of our future. But don't just take our word for it, in the next few issues of Snippets we will all get a chance to meet our current and past apprentices and hear their story so far!


With a good head for numbers and a little brother with Autism, the opportunity to work at BeST as an apprentice was the perfect role for me, it was almost too good to be true. Yet, here I am, almost four months in and having the time of my life.

BeST has given me a golden opportunity to continue my studies while earning and learning at the same time. My role as Account Administrator is constantly evolving as people trust me with more and more responsibilities. When I started, I was pretty scared but was welcomed with open arms almost instantly. Everyone in the company was so friendly and I settled straight in.

My colleagues in the finance department are really approachable and supportive, so if I even feel unsure about something, I can be sure that they will support me and guide me in the right direction.

I feel really lucky to have joined BeST while it is still a young charity, now I can watch BeST grow and more excitingly; grow with it.

It sometimes amazes me how well my previous and current studies apply to my role in BeST. I have been taught to use SAGE, master excel spreadsheets, record and analyse data – all things that I do on a daily basis in BeST. Further to my studies I have learnt many more skills that I could only learn through this charity such as; managing voids, proper business communication skills, dealing with local authorities and processing housing benefit remittances for month end and sales reports.

Recently I was given a brilliant opportunity to visit some of our properties with one of our Housing Officers. We took a short trip up to Bradford and visited three of our properties, it was an eye opening and inspiring opportunity. Sometimes I think it is easy to forget the incredible work BeST is doing across the entire country when working hard in the head office, being able to witness this for myself has only further ignited my passion to work for such an amazing company, and I cannot wait to go out again and meet more wonderful people that we are supporting to live happy, independent and free lives.