Our Governance

When BeST was incorporated back in 2010, it was decided that it would be appropriate, associated with the nature of our work, if we had registered charity status and this was actioned at that time. So, as well as being a Registered Provider of Social Housing with the RSH, we are registered with the Charity Commission.

One of the principal requirements of registered charity status is the appointment of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees of Bespoke Supportive Tenancies Limited

Whilst day–to–day and operational management is delegated to our Chief Executive and the Leadership Team our Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for all that we do. It is really important to state that the Trustees do not have a managerial role and this is a vital understanding in contributing to a good governance structure. The role of the Trustees includes:

  • our overall performance

  • our values, integrity and reputation

  • how we meet our statutory objectives

  • our business direction and strategy

  • our management team´s performance, governance standards and delivery against plans

Our board pays particular attention to:

  • maximizing our impact and effectiveness

  • identifying and managing risks

  • ensuring financial security and compliance

  • operating within the regulation of our governing bodies such as RSH and the Charity Commission

  • tenant satisfaction

  • maintaining funding streams

  • wellbeing and satisfaction of our employees

Since we became a registered charity, we have worked very hard at identifying suitable individuals prepared to give their time and expertise to working to the benefit of BeST and to help in achieving our aims and objectives for our service users. The trustees of BeST have over 80 years of experience in the Charity sector, in addition to an extensive knowledge of social housing provision. Through involvement in, and overseeing and monitoring of our work, all their experience is added. Regular quarterly meetings of the Board offer a forum for a mutual exchange of information with senior management and the Chairman meets with the CEO on a monthly basis or more frequently if required.

Our Trustees

Chairman Tom Miskell

Andrew Bailey

Phil Elvy

Steve Close

Paul Carhart