New phone system and options

Our new phone system goes live 15/06/21 our office number is the same 0161 786 6000 but our options have changed sightly:

  • To report a new repair please press option 1
  • If you are calling about a repair that has already been reported, please have your reference number ready and press option 2
  • To discuss a housing or tenancy related issue please press option 3
  • To discuss an invoice please press option 4
  • To discuss your rent account balance or for help claiming Housing Benefit please press option 5
  • For all other enquiries please press option 6


Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code 

BeST has completed the self-assessment 2020 and copies are available on request. 

Regulatory Update

Following the Regulators engagement, BeST has taken steps to improve its statutory compliance position and has commissioned several statutory checks, as well as demonstrating an improved understanding of our responsibilities in relation to leased stock. We have appointed an external contractor to undertake the outstanding checks and have developed a plan to set out how this will be delivered. We will continue to work closely with the Regulator to achieve full compliance with the Regulatory Standards.